Styrketräning för skidåkare – HC Holmbergs fem bästa övningar

I veckans avsnitt av podcasten Lagom Kondition är temat styrketräning och skidgång. Podden finns där poddar finns och länk till iTunes finns här.

Jag intervjuade nyligen skidprofessorn HC Holmberg om styrketräning för tidningen Pro Skiing och han tipsade om sina fem bästa styrkeövningar. Vi pratade även en hel del runtomkring det gällande hur du bäst tränar din bålstryka etc.

Brutalbänk. Foto: Luca Mara.

Brutalbänk. Foto: Luca Mara.

Om detta redogör vi för i podavsnittet. Sista biten av artikeln jag skrev syns nedan. “Cleans” betyder frivändning och “deadlift” betyder marklyft. “Barbell” och “dumbbell” betyder skivstång respektive hantel.

– To conclude I recommend both elite skiers and recreational skiers to lift heavy weights. First of all you need to get used to strength training and all the exercises and once you are there I think you should have short sets such as 5-6 repetition as the base of your strength training. And don’t forget that you need a larger portion of strength training when you get older to perform well on skis, even though endurance training might be more fun.

HC Holmberg’s five best strength exercises

  • Cleans. You move the barbell from the floor to a racked position across the deltoids, with a little jump. Your performance on this exercise has a lot to do with your maximum speed on cross country skis. Put a big effort in finding the correct technique before you put on weights.
  • Pull-ups. Or other exercises where you pull your body, such as chin-ups. That works your latissimus and long head of triceps.
  • Dips-SM 4 december 2011. Jag blev 10:a

    Dips-SM 4 december 2011. Jag blev 10:a

    Dips. In a bar with or without extra weights, or between two benches. You can also do other exercises where you press, such as triceps press or dumbbell press. It will challenge your triceps.

  • Hanging sit-ups. Either by simply hanging upside down, or on a training gear sometimes called “brutalbänk”, you can get a great workout for your iliopsoas and abs. That is a key for core strength. Core strength can also be improved be similar different kinds of olympic weightlifting exercises, such as deadlifts, cleans and squads. You can improve your core strength by the plank, general sit-ups etc, but that is overrated. If you are somewhat fit in general, heavier strength workouts will train your core muscles your effectively.
  • Deadlift. That is just a good exercise for everyone. It recruits muscles from major parts of your body. Just like cleans, you have to work on the technique a lot before you put on weights. An alternative to deadlife is lunges with dumbbells or kettlebells in each hand. That also challenges both your legs and your core strength.

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